Thursday, November 13, 2014


Am deeply sorry for turning my back at this WONDDERFUL SITE. . .
We all know Android OS is one of the best OS in the World wit over
500,000 Apps in the App Store, and with its multi-tasking capability you
can open as much Apps as you like but you might have forgotten that your
RAM is running low.
A Good example is Techno T3 Running on Android's Almighty 2.3.5
Gingerbread but it has a Ram of 150MB, Imagine that, Pretty Poor. It has
got all the good Features but the Ram Size is Bad, So it Freeze up Most
time when i Use it, Confused until a Friend hint me about Roesoft Ram
Expander.. Read along.
ROESOFT RAM EXPANDER:-This App uses part of your memory card as
Ram and Speeds up your Phone, but the Issue is that you must have Huge
Memory Card size in your Phone to enjoy Roesoft Ram Expander.
1. Upto 4GB SD card memory card.
2. Your Andriod Device Must be Rooted.
Now you can Play more Games then ever before, Games which do not run
because your Device have small Ram Size will now work perfectly using
Roesoft Ram Expander App.!
Download Roesoft Ram Expander App at GOOGLE SEARCH
NOTE:-Roesoft Ram Expander Costs$8.69in the Google Play Store, Its Really
worth the Price.
Enjoy & Don't Forget to Share this Info with other Andriod Users.
By W.

Monday, November 10, 2014

MTN Jumia Data Plan Blazing With Great Speed Using DroidVPN

MTN Jumia Plan Powering All Apps Using Droidvpn
Not So Long MTN Introduced The Jumia Plan Just To Make Shopping On The
Popular Online Shops Like Kaymu And Lamurdi Easier Using Their Respective
The Plan Was Later Tweaked To Start Working On Other Apps Using Some
Tunnelling Apps On Both Mobile And PC In Which Troidvpn, Tunnel Guru And
Simpleserver Are Amongst.
I Just Noticed Most Of Some Android Users Are Still Unaware Of This, So I
Choose To Make The Droid vpn Own Come Alive Again.
Dial *662*6# And Subscribe To Every Of All The Plan's Month Sub As Trial To Be
Able To Use This Tweak.
*. Get An Account On Droid Vpn Site If You Haven't Before By Just Clicking Here
*. Download DroidVpn On Play store If You Have No One On Your Device Yet.
Install The App,Then Type Your Email And Password... As Seen Below...

*. Head Over To The Droidvpn Settings Interface As Seen Below... *. Click On Connection Protocol And Choose "TCP *. Click On "port Settings" And Set TCP Port To 80 ,Leave Other Ports As Default As Seen Below.. *. Click On Proxy Settings ,Tick Enable And Write Thus; Proxy Server: Port: 8080 * Tick Authentication And Write As Follows Beneath It.. Proxy Username: VpnBook Proxy Password : maD5Pehu *. Click On HTTP Headers,Tick Enable.. And Input.. Custom HTTP Headers : host: x-online-host: ..Hit Back And Connect... *Droidvpn Only Give User An Unstable And Limited Access To Browse So I Recommend An App Called "Terminal Emulator To Bypass The Restriction.. *. Download "Terminal Emulator" Here The Emulator Is To Be Getting Used To Tweak Droidvpn To Enjoy Unlimited Browsing With Droidvpn. Whenever You Wanna Use Droidvpn To Surf,Connect Droidvpn First And Minimize To The Emulator And Type ping Then Press Your Enter Button To Run The Pinging.. as Seen Below. You Are Done! If You've Subscribed All The Seven Plans already,That Means You'll Need Another Sim To Get The Jumia Plan Again If You Don't Wanna Pay For The Plan.

How To Get MTN 100MB And Use It

Just Follow the Steps Below
1. Dial *662*6# - Select 1 and Send - Select 3
and Send.. to subscribe for the plan you see
there (monthly trial).
You get 100mb for trial free.
(But If you have already Get The 100MB or
700MB, just follow the step below)
2. Use your MTN default or MTN NIGERIA
settings for Java, Symbian and Android
3. Open any of your handler apps
(ucbrowser, opera, etc)
and set this:
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
or (goodluck)

How To Get Airtel Free Airtime And MB

It was a
great suprise when a friend told me
that PEPSI [drink] are givhng out free
airtel recharge card under the crown
cork of the bottle.
And i disagree with him that it is fake
that the are just doing it until when i
bought a bottle of PEPSI and i saw a 16digit pin
i had to load it and after loading it,to
my greatest suprise i was given
92.01mb free....
So u too can get»»»»»
just buy a b0ttle of PEPSI and get it... Plz rush guys let enjoy this awuf oo
Now My Advice For You Why dont you Save The N100 You wana Use Buy card
and just buy a Bottle of PEPSI For Just N60-N80.Cos You Must win Something .
It is A Win Win promo

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Below is the latest free browsing cheat or tweak for all phones; Just insert the below tweak into your configurations setting and rock the internet. *. IP: *. PORT:8080 *. APN: Web.gprs .mtnnig *. *. Socket:// *. Proxy type: HOST *. proxy server: Enjoy, it downloads but not fast.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


For those of you that complain that the former one didnt work for you, Now what you're going to do now is to buy a brand new sim, ( 4in1 sim preferable.) Register the sim, dont migrate to any other package,just leave it as it is. Once you confirm that the sim has been registered, Recharge it with #300 & then Text 2H to 131.Wait for the sms migration confirmation & note the expiry time. Now remove the sim from the phone and keep it for 48 hours. Ensure that its upto 48 hours. After that put ur sim back & power your phone. Remember that you must use your magic sim with DNS servers. Good luck .......


Some of my blog Readers has been complaining that the #250 Magic sim tricks is somehow not working for them. I'm here for an alternate way of achieving that same tricks. Follow these simple steps below to get your sim Activated for unlimited free browsing: 1.Recharge your line with just #100 MTN Airtime. 2.Subscribe to MTN Daily plan of 10MB ( Text 104 to 131 ) or dial *123*4*1*1# to subscribe. 3.Browse with the sim and make sure you browse for a maximum of 2 MB from your 10MB. 4.Having done that in step 3,Remove your sim from your phone for 12 hours. 5.Insert your sim back in your phone,power it & leave it ON for about 5 mins & then Switch it off & remove the sim from your phone.. 6.In the next 6 hours,insert your sim back & start enjoying your MTN magic sim. Dont pay any 1 for mtn magic sim or whatever. NOTE: It can also be use on PC preferable with 3G.